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Welcome to our Alpaca Education Center
(AKA AlpacaPedia)

We put an emphasis on alpaca education and mentoring.  We know from our own experience how overwhelming it can be when you are first looking at alpacas as a business investment or hobby. We know how essential basic knowledge is for new, current, or future alpaca guardians and caretakers.  One of the things we appreciated when exploring alpacas was the vast amount of information available.  However, the research process can be daunting. Educators by profession we created AlpacaPedia to to simplify the process by hitting the highlights and providing useful links for those researching the amazing and mystical alpaca.

Alpaca Overview: A brief overview of these captivating animals that have recently become the fastest growing segment of the North American livestock business?  Do they make good pets? Where did they come from?  What do you do with them?  What’s the appeal?  Who owns them?  Why do they own them? Why are people investing in alpacas?  In other words, what’s the deal with alpacas?  

Do Your Homework: Alpaca ownership is not for everyone.  It is so easy to get caught up in the cuteness, uniqueness, lifestyle appeal and so much more. Researching alpacas and the alpaca industry is exciting and there is so much information available. This section gives you guidelines for making the most of your ranch visits and a list of questions to ask alpaca owners...

Basic Care: When it comes to basic care alpacas are hardy animals and easy to maintain.  However, just as with other livestock, they do require certain minimum care...

Articles: Over the past few years Dianna has written articles for the Camelid Quarterly, Alpacas Magazine and "The Connection" (our Calpaca affiliate membership publication). This section includes a selection of those articles.

Alpaca Speak: Many industries develop unique terminology, words, and phrases.  The alpaca industry is no different.  This section includes a glossary of frequently used terms and words.

Recommended Reading and Links:  A collection of recommended reading, references and links for alpaca owners.  

AlpacaPedia is always under development.  New information will be added regularly.  You might consider bookmarking this page.

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